Leaping Business Scope One Jar At A Time

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Peanut butter manufacturing and distribution has become a lucrative business. The business scope of peanut butter in production and distribution is now brighter than ever. Initially estimated at USD 5.70 billion in 2021 and expected to reach USD 6.08 billion in 2022, the niche will grow exponentially in the coming years.

The growing demand for peanut butter and flavored peanut butter after the pandemic has manufacturers amp up their production units and outputs. Renowned brands are joining the wagon by working closely with peanut butter manufacturers offering white label solutions.

There are many growth drivers of this shift. More people are mindful of healthy eating and not to mention that peanut butter is an explosion of flavor loved by kids and adults alike. But what is truly driving this change is that peanut butter and its benefits transcend beyond the kitchen counter.


Apart from being a staple in households, peanut butter, and peanut paste are lifesaving ingredients for malnourished kids. Acute malnutrition affects millions of kids worldwide, especially in underdeveloped and developing countries where poverty limits access to quality nutrition. In severe cases where a child needs lifesaving supplements, a fortified form of peanut paste is administered as an urgent measure.

WHO and other world organizations recognize peanut paste and related supplements as saviors of malnourished children and a way to combat the harsh effects of the hunger crisis. In addition to combatting severe health risks ins children, peanut butter, a more desired form of peanut consumption enables young children to reap benefits of enhanced immunity, better nutrition, and overall health.

Peanut butter is also beneficial for mothers – especially pregnant and lactating mothers. Unless the mother or baby is allergic to peanuts, peanut butter is absolutely safe to consume. It imparts many health benefits to both the mother and the baby. Lactating mothers can opt to consume peanut butter as it is also a great source of nutrition for the child.

A few tablespoons of peanut butter can supply the lactating mother with the daily dose of micronutrients. When breastfeeding a mother needs 500 additional calories every day and part of this energy can come from consuming peanut butter. The nutritious components in peanut butter like folic acid, omega-3, healthy fats, proteins, fiber, Vitamin E, niacin, and biotin contribute to the overall health of mother and child.


Peanut butter is a nostalgic taste to many and to some, it is a lifesaving staple. Either way, peanut butter is changing the landscape of business and offering health and taste. The fact that peanut butter is a potential commodity is attracting many opportunities wherein manufacturers and brands are bringing high-quality solutions to the consumer. Peanut butter manufacturers are producing traditional peanut butter and flavored peanut butter to bridge the gap between the growing demand and the limited supply.

At Nuflower, we believe that phenomenal taste and quality should be accessible to all, and our white label peanut butter manufacturing solutions help us cater to brands that cater to consumers worldwide.