NutriFEEDO Lite®

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NutriFEEDO Lite®

NutriFEEDO Lite® is a Ready-to-Use Supplementary Food (RUSF) for children afflicted with Moderate Acute Malnutrition. Similar to NutriFEEDO, its complex blend is designed provide high protein and high energy with a heavy dose of micronutrients. Its nutritional profile, however, caters to children who are Moderately Acute Malnourished.

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    What is MAM?

    As per WHO Guidelines, Moderate Acute Malnutrition is defined as a weight-for-height score between −2 and −3 or a weight-for-height percentile (WFH) between 70% and 79%, compared with a reference population. Although characterised by moderate wasting and stunting, children may progress to Severe Acute Malnutrition if left untreated.
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    NutriFEEDO Lite®

    NutriFEEDO Lite® is a Ready-to-Use Supplementary Food geared towards meeting the nutritional requirement of the moderately malnourished children within the age group of 6 months to 59 months. This peanut-based paste is similar to NutriFEEDO® in that its essential ingredient composition contains peanuts, sugar, milk powder and vegetable oil, enriched with a vitamin-mineral premix. However given the vicissitudes of its intended user base, which are moderately malnourished as opposed to severely malnourished, it has limited vitamin-mineral fortification.

    Key Ingredients

    • Sugar
    • Roasted peanuts
    • Milk powder
    • Non Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil
    • Emulsifier
    • Vitamin-Mineral premix

    Method of Intake

    The packet needs to be kneaded, opened and eaten.


    Dosage for NutriFEEDO Lite® in children is 75 Kcal/kg/day