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Nuflower Foods and Nutrition is the leading RUTF, RUSF & LNS manufacturer in India. We aim to, in the most convenient and affordable manner possible, provide healthy food and nutritional alternatives for the malnourished and those afflicted by structural health & lifestyle ailments. We accomplish this by manufacturing nutritional solutions.

We are the preferred partner of some of the biggest international public health organisations, for the manufacturing of RUTF, RUSF & LNS and therapeutic foods to tackle acute malnutrition in children.

Currently, we have expanded our product portfolio to manufacture nut & chocolate-based spreads that are high in nutritional value and cater to quality-conscious brands and clients from the world over.

We have a UNICEF Supply Division GMP-accredited manufacturing facility in Manesar, near Gurugram (India). We are assisting private and public health programmes with nutritional requirements in India and abroad.