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One of the most enduring questions for humanity has been – What constitutes a good life? Is it the creation of billion-dollar businesses by entrepreneurs who style themselves as 21st century’s men of action? Is it the devotion to the artistic ideal that the most talented writers, sculptors and musicians of our time espouse? Or is it the dedication of the thousands who work for justice for those denied justice and upliftment for those denied the most rudimentary access to food, water or shelter.

For people at Nuflower, such an ideal of a good life rests on a combination of the above.

Nuflower Foods and Nutrition is the result of a purposeful eagerness that drives us to construct a great business, a perfectionist streak that ensures we have flawless product design and a wide-eye at society’s problems that define our purpose.

At Nuflower, we regard nutrition as one of the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle. To this end, Nuflower seeks to provide preventive but easily accessible and useful nutritional solutions for the most critical health and lifestyle ailments of our times. Moreover, we dispute the notion that good nutrition is the right only of the privileged, and dedicate ourselves to designing products for the disadvantaged as well.

Amongst the ailments we deal with, we are particularly interested in exploiting problem-solving opportunities thrown up by the large presence of obesity, diabetes, cardio-vascular problems and malnutrition in India and abroad. The first three are often the leading causes of death, depression, anxiety and other damaging outcomes amongst the middle-classes, whereas the last simply denies children within socio-economically disadvantaged section, the fundamental right to a healthy life.

Currently, we engage in making therapeutic and supplementary ready-to-eat pastes for the Severely Malnourished in India and other Asian nations.

With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Manesar, near Gurugram, Nuflower is committed to absorbing the latest trends and deploying the latest technology in the field of nutraceuticals, and fortified foods. We seek to induce a lifestyle change upon those we affect, and through our innovative methods furnish a new path towards a healthy life for our customers.

We hope you shall join us in this endeavor too.

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Akshat Khandelwal